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Lucy (2014)


Films I can’t live without:

→ District 9 (2009)

"We were on the verge of first contact. The whole world was watching expecting, I don’t know… music from heaven and bright shining lights."




First trailer for the new Wachowski movie, “Jupiter Ascending.”



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o lord i did not realise that was eddie redmayne until JUST NOW WHEN YOU SAID THAT


There’s a Need For Speed movie coming and I’m just cackling over here. It’s most likely going to be the absolute dumbest, most cliché-filled action movie of the year, though I really hope it’ll do marginally well because I’m a fan of Aaron Paul. Dude’s cool.

2014 Movies I wanna watch (now that I’m rambling anyway):

- The Wolf Of Wall Street

- All Is Lost

- The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty (probably still 2013, but w/e)

- Her

- The LEGO Movie (I’m starting to get more and more and more and more excited about this film and I DON’T QUITE KNOW WHY!)

Because Studying Genetics Is Fucking Hard: A bunch of shitty movie reviews by tumblr user Nirdian!

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to- … Actually. Let’s just get on with this. Tumblr user Nirdian watched a bunch of things and here are some of his thoughts on those things, from (shitty) memory and probably spoiler-free:


The World’s End - The last part of the infamous “Cornetto Trilogy”, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost & Co. once again make the English countryside lethally unsafe. I enjoyed this film. Thoroughly. It was a fun, fun film with again lots of cool foreshadowing and good humor while still staying relatively tense and well-paced. As a “grand finale” to a “trilogy” it sadly kind of pales in comparison to Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz. Still good though, just didn’t live up to my personal hype and that was a bit sad.

Space Jam - Lauded as the best film ever by tumblrites all around… as far as I’m aware. And my god it’s hilariously shitty. There’s bad movies, yeah? And then there’s movies so bad they become good, and THEN there’s movies that go too far and go bad again and THEN there’s Space Jam. Or maybe after a few more cycles. I don’t know. However. it’s definitely on the “Oh wow that’s shit, but heh, kinda funny. ” side of things. It also feels like all the 90s awkwardness condensed into one single proto-CGI-abomination of a film. But hey. It’s not… technically… uh, bad.

The Mummy Returns - Better CGI than Space Jam. Beside that, eh, highly forgettable, super mediocre. It’s watchable. The Rock should’ve had more screen-time.

Gravity - When I first saw the trailers and posters for this film… It did not touch me in any way. I just didn’t care, at all. I mean, Sandra Bullock and George Clooney in space. Oh. Ok. … And THEN I found out that the Director is the brilliant dude that created the marvel of film that is Children of Men, Alfonso Cuarón. And at the same time I was bombarded from all sides by “HOLY SHIT GRAVITY IS COOL!”. Normally I would disregard other people’s excitement. But Cuarón’s name on it changed things. And my god was I glad I saw it. It is beyond a shadow of a doubt the best experience I’ve ever had in a cinema. Easily the best film of 2013 (sorry Pacific Rim, I still love you too!), maybe even of the last decade. It’s new, fresh, and grips you by the neck and doesn’t let go until the very end. Plus: THE 3D WAS ACTUALLY REALLY GOOD AND REALLY COOL! If it’s still playing somewhere nearby, GO WATCH NAO.

O’Horten - And now for something completely different. O’Horten is about a Norwegian train-… what’s the word? Driver? Machinist?
A dude that makes the train move, anyway, who is about to go into pension(ship?) after half a lifetime of driving trains. Uh… That’s really all I can describe about it, the premise. The rest is a bizarre yet very endearing adventure in and around the Norse capital (to my great joy I recognised a good many places I’ve been). I’d compare it to some of Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s work. The message is, I think (!) “Life is a weird thing. It can be very sad. But hey, it can also be pretty cool!” Also it’s very typically Norwegian in many ways and that’s great.

Nord - Another great and bizarre Norwegian film. Not focused on a city, but rather on the strange and vast Norwegian countryside (also very snowy). Can’t really think of any mood to compare it to… But it’s a hella fun film about human nature and, again, Norway.

The Help - Haven’t read the book (might still some day). But this is a good film regardless. Set during the early 60s, it manages to illustrate the segregation and racism still very much present at that time in pretty… Pretty is the wrong word here. Basically: The subject matter is awful shit. Shit that should not have existed at that time, yet did. And still does in ways. That said, it’s a good film. Really good. Good filming, good acting, good narrative. Good. About bad.

The Hobbit 2: Mithril Boogaloo! - The Desolation Of Smaug - While I still think that the whole Hobbit Trilogy thing is going WAY TOO FAR, this was a very enjoyable watch. After the crushing disappointment that was the first Hobbit film, this was really something different. It didn’t drag as much, it didn’t feature ridiculous JOKE CHARACTERS HIP-HEY (though the joke character from the last film returned, they seemed a lot more natural this time), it didn’t HURT TO WATCH, and had some pretty great scenes and working 3D. There were still some scenes which were filmed like cheap sitcoms from the 90s (you know the one I mean!), but it made up for it by having more REALLY REALLY COOL scenes. Uh… Still missed a bunch of marks, adaptation-wise. But I can forgive this movie for it’s faults because overall, IT WAS FUN. Also Smaug is pretty awesome. (SPOILER ALERT: SMAUG IS FUCKING RAD)

Coraline - Rewatched this little gem by Laika. And while I was less taken aback then the first time, it’s still a beautiful, wonderful and exciting film. And even though it’s stop-motion it often seems more alive than some Hollywood blockbusters. ALSO THE DESIGNS ARE SO COOOL. Um. Yeah. Good film. Only nitpick is that it has a few flow hiccups here and there. But those are barely noticeable.

Oblivion - I had roughly the same reaction to this as I did to Gravity, only difference being, this opinion stayed with me for years. Only a few positive words from Half In The Bag managed to finally spark my interest in it. And you know what? I’m glad I watched it. It has a great concept, looks awesome and has some pretty dang cool acting (also Tom Cruise, even if he is a dipshit IRL, he’s a good actor… Ya know? It’s just truth.). Um. Yeah. Good slow-moving, myserious sci-fi. Definite recommender.

Looper - Weird film. Time-travel is often strange. It was a big-thing a while back, as I recall. It’s uh… A decent sci-fi thing. But yeah, weird. Also rather cliche overall. But a good-ish watch.

The English Patient - Oh… Oh this one’s good. A slow, tragic-as-hell story from WW2 on the African front. It’s a deep thing. And feels very bookish (was based on a book, as I found out after a google). But maaan… What a good film. I was quite devastated after watching it, still kind of am.

Black Mirror - Not a real film-film. But a trio of short-films. Visions of the future. And some seriously good (and scarily close) sci-fi.
Cube 2 | Hypercube - Cube is still one of the best surprises I ever came across film-wise. I had no knowledge of it and randomly watched a shoddy stream of it. AND IT WAS GREAT. This caused great sadness while watching Cube DOS. Because this sequel is shit. Absolutely horrible early-millenial bullfucking shit. The list: Shitty (and I mean horrid) CGI and bluescreening. Completely bullshit and incomprehensible plot without any flow, tension, or point. Even the ending was so horridly unsatisfying and STUPID (Spoilers: Suddenly there’s a macguffin that was apparently important and which is first mentioned and shown literal minutes before the credits. Also new names which make NO SENSE or bear no relevance are constantly introduced like “OH YEAH THIS GUY IS LIKE A BIG DEAL FOR SOME REASON BECAUSE UH PLOT?!” and then never mentioned again. I was about to tear out my fucking hair, really. Wow. Also: NOTHING that made the original so good is featured in the film, absolutely zilch. Except for the titular “cubes”. Wow.
Cube Zero - THIS sequel on the other hand was thoroughly enjoyable. And though it felt really cheap and stupid, it was great. The mood was shifted from deadly seriousness to a bit more Gilliam-ish dark humor, in itself not a bad thing though it does clash heavily with the original, and it introduced some weird/stupid concepts and things. But really overall, good film. Also I really want to see more “Death operators” in horror. The people behind the screens of all the grief for the poor horror-element-fodder. Cabin In The Woods and Cube Zero are so far the only movies that have done this and in both it was amazing. So I’m sad it doesn’t happen more often.
Back to watching stuff! (and studying my butt off)


Heard people moaning about how The Mandarin was “ruined” but man, I fucking LOVED THAT TWIST! When the movie began I was all like “Oh come ON not ANOTHER Middle-Eastern Al-Whatever knockoff villain!” And then it wasn’t and it was great.


hey remember that time disney made a movie with a diverse cast and strong female characters and not-entirely-evil antagonists and interesting characters and a poc princess and unique animation and an exciting plot and a steampunk submarine to top it all off

and nobody so much as gave it a second glance


Watched Gravity yesterday (was gonna say today, but it’s already 7am).

Damn amazing film. Really. Also: Best use of 3D so far, no doubt. If it’s still showing in a cinema nearby and you haven’t seen it yet. Go. Just go.